Introducing the Wagner EZ Guide Protocol – 3 short Appointments!

Now Available with Milled Dentsply Portrait IPN & Lucitone 199 Material

Information/Chairside Assistance:

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Mould Charts for AvaDent


  1. Use AvaDent Denture RX. For Wagner EZ Guide, use AvaDent Wagner RX.
  2. Use AvaDent Shade GuideAvaDent shades do not match Vita shades.
  3. Use AvaDent papillameter for accurate measurements – Wagner EZ Guide Protocol



  • No Capital Investment • No cost of ownership
  • Monolithic – Increases Strength & Reduces Fracturing
  • Eliminates Tooth “Pop-Offs”
  • Eliminates Traditional Tooth Placement Inaccuracies
  • Completely Eliminates Tooth Delamination
  • Reduces Denture Breakage
  • Increases Patient Satisfaction
  • Provides Natural Esthetics
  • Teeth Forever Card • Permanent Digital Record for Rapid Replacement
  • Captures Patient’s Natural Rugae
  • Simple Relines & Chairside Repairs
  • Post Dam Is Not Necessary
  • No Whistling Due To Shrinkage or Ill-Fit
  • Materials
    • Use Of Existing Impression Materials (follow AvaDent protocol for best results)
    • “No Shrinkage” – Made From A Ultra-Dense, Biohygenic, Pre-Shrunk Puck of Acrylic with 20% Less Residual Monomer
    • Compressed Under 20,000 Lbs of Pressure
    • Less Porous, Less Bacteria Growth, Reduces Bad Breath
    • Will Not Shade Shift
    • No Micro-Porosity