Removable Products

We offer a full line of Digital & Conventional Removable Products:

BioPicRICK WIDES, AA, CDT, Manager of our Implant/Removable Prosthetics Department, specializes in pre-surgical case design, surgical guide stents, screw retained hybrids, attachment selection, overdentures and coordination of all aspects of combination implant and conventional C&B/Removable cases. He performs Chairside Conversions for Screw-Retained Hybrid cases, traveling to your specialist’s office. Graduating from Montgomery College in 1978 with an A.A.,R.G. in Dental Technology, Rick received his CDT in Complete Dentures & Removable Partials in 1980. Certified by every major implant system, he was a previous instructor for Branemark, 3i’s Synergy Training Program, Sulzer Dental Peer Practicum, Dentsply Paragon and Biohorizons Implant Systems. In addition to owning his own lab for 17 years, Rick worked with the NIH Dental Clinic, Bethesda Naval Hospital Clinic, Bethesda Dental School and the Dental Research Department at the Bureau of Standards.

ROY LEVINE, CDT – After owning & operating a full-service dental lab in Western Maryland for 29 years, Roy joined our team in 2012 as Manager of our Ceramic Department. Due to his extensive knowledge of implant-supported prosthetics, he relocated to our Removable Lab, located at 6826 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. He now oversees daily operations as Manager of our Implant/Removable Prosthetics Department. Roy is available to discuss questions and concerns regarding complex, hybrid cases.

GUS KARAGIANOPOULOS, CDT, Manager of our Removable Department, joined our team in 1979 as a Crown & Bridge Technician, then 2 years later transitioned to working with removables. With dedication, passion & exceptional artistic skills, Gus is a master at his craft. He & his team have been an integral part of the growth of our Removable Department and he is most excited about the addition of CAD/CAM Digital Dentistry. Gus takes pride in knowing that his work positively impacts patients’ lives.

LOLA GIKAS, Assistant Manager of our Removable Department, joined our team in 1996 as a Denture Technician. She has worked with every component & product within our Removable Department, but her expertise is with the setup & creation of premium-quality dentures. Lola has had the distinct privilege of being trained by Gus Karagianopoulos, CDT & former Owner Gus Diacoloukas, CDT Lola directly communicates with our doctors & their staff in the effort to determine the most appropriate products for their patients.

brianbiopicBRIAN JONES, CDT, Manager of our Cast Partial Department, has been a Dental Technician since 1996. In 2008, he joined our Crown & Bridge Department, then transitioned into our Partial Department alongside his father Buddy, who at that time was our Cast Partial Department Manager. Buddy mentored Brian, provided formal training & taught him the fundamentals of cast framework design and fabrication. With an attention to detail & a passion for the industry, Buddy & Brian make a great team, as they still work together today.