As a Value-Added Service, we host Catered, CE Accredited Seminars in the Educational Center of our Headquarters, located in Rosedale, MD.  Our doctors benefit from lectures & hands-on training courses throughout each year.

There are no open seminars scheduled at this time.


Email: petere@friendshipdentallab.com

Phone: 410-780-7700

  1. INVITATIONS: Case Boxes, website, email, snail mail & by Sales Reps.
  2. PARKING: If parking lot is at capacity, additional parking is available next door at Gas Station or in Development behind Lab on Chapel Hill Drive.
  3. RSVP: Pre-registration is required.
  4. CANCELLATION: Notify us 48 hours in advance if you must cancel your registration.
  5. WAITING LIST: If seminar is at capacity, you will be put on a waiting list & notified upon cancellations.
  6. LATE ARRIVALS: Make sure to Sign-In. Enter through our left side stairwell.
  7. CE CREDITS: Attendance Verification Forms will be distributed at the end of the event.

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