The life-cycle of your case begins & ends in our Shipping & Receiving Departments. This is where we pack, unpack, disinfect & enter cases into our computerized LabTrac System.

Crown & Bridge Shipping & Receiving 

20160812_094428Removable Shipping & Receiving 

ARGIE CHRIST, Crown & Bridge Department Shipping & Receiving Office Manager, joined our team in 2010.  She began packing & unpacking cases & entering work into our streamlined, computerized Labtrac system.  Argie now manages the Department, overseeing the day to day operations of incoming & outgoing cases. She enters doctors’ prescriptions into the computer, QC’s cases & interacts with our doctors & their staff.  Working with our delivery companies to assure timely pickups & deliveries, she also assists in our HR, Accounting & Customer Relations Departments.