AvaDent Digital Dentures

Introducing the Wagner EZ Guide TryIn – just 3 short Appointments!

Now Available with Dentsply Portrait IPN Teeth & Lucitone 199 Acrylic

Information/Chairside Assistance: avadent@friendshipdentallab.com

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Digital Preview Demo



  1. Use  AvaDent Denture RX. For Wagner EZ Guide Try-in, use AvaDent Wagner RX.
  2. Use AvaDent Shade GuideAvaDent shades do not match Vita shades.
  3. Use AvaDent papillameter for accurate measurements – Wagner EZ Guide TryIn.

Contact Peter Eleftheriou at avadent@friendshipdentallab.com if you need any of the items above or for AvaDent chairside assistance.


  • No Capital Investment • No cost of ownership
  • Monolithic – Increases Strength & Reduces Fracturing
  • Eliminates Tooth “Pop-Offs”
  • Eliminates Traditional Tooth Placement Inaccuracies
  • Completely Eliminates Tooth Delamination
  • Reduces Denture Breakage
  • Increases Patient Satisfaction
  • Provides Natural Esthetics
  • Teeth Forever Card • Permanent Digital Record for Rapid Replacement
  • Captures Patient’s Natural Rugae
  • Simple Relines & Chairside Repairs
  • Post Dam Is Not Necessary
  • No Whistling Due To Shrinkage or Ill-Fit
  • Materials
    • Use Of Existing Impression Materials (follow AvaDent protocol for best results)
    • “No Shrinkage” – Made From A Ultra-Dense, Biohygenic, Pre-Shrunk Puck of Acrylic with 20% Less Residual Monomer
    • Compressed Under 20,000 Lbs of Pressure
    • Less Porous, Less Bacteria Growth, Reduces Bad Breath
    • Will Not Shade Shift
    • No Micro-Porosity