Metal-Free RPDs are possible!

Introducing Ultaire™ AKP – an innovative, high-performance polymer that’s a game changer in RPDs. These CAD/CAM Designed & Milled Partials can be easily streamlined into your Digital Workflow and I.O.S. Intra-Oral Scanner system.

Milled Dentivera Milling DiscUltaire AKP-UK_Max_Oblique L-HR

Lightweight, comfortable, biocompatible

For patients who can’t bear the thought of visible metal clasps or a metalic taste, Ultaire™ AKP frames deliver a high degree of satisfaction:

  • Taste-Free
  • Lightweight
  • Biocompatible
  • Pleasing Esthetics
  • Bone-Like & Tooth-Supported
  • May Minimize Bone Loss

We’re excited about this new material – and the opportunity to help you provide polymer frame RDPs your patients will love.

Contact Cast-Partial Manager Brian Jones, CDT for more information at

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