The successful relationships we have cultivated over the years are a direct result of our unsurpassed commitment to Personalized Customer Service, Product Support, Quality & Value.

Here are just a few of our delighted customers:

“I recently sent you a case for a patient who was very aesthetically oriented, and it was not easy. The result came out fantastic, she was very happy, and I was quite sure it took a lot of time and dedication on your part to make the case a successful one for me and my patient.

“The case was five veneers, teeth 6-10, and a full crown for #11. I just thought it’d be fair to let you know your workmanship and effort is quite appreciated. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work and more happy patients.”
– Dr. D

“Dear Friendship, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the beautiful job that you did characterizing my patient’s #11 PFM. Keep up the wonderful work – it is truly appreciated.”
Dr. M

“Dear Gus, I really appreciated and enjoyed Thursday night’s presentation. In this increasingly impersonal world, it’s a breath of fresh air to know and work with the great group of individuals at Friendship Dental Lab. I look forward to a long relationship. Thanks again.”
Dr. A

“I am writing to let you know that I appreciate the efficiency and courtesy of your employees on the phone, and especially Colleen with her experience and knowledge of laboratory operations. Thanks!”
– Dr. B

“Kudos to the technician who made the empress crown. The case was beautiful and went in the patient’s mouth perfectly. The tech even did beautiful etch work. The patient was extremely happy; thanks for making me look good!”
– Dr. G

“To ceramist at Friendship: Great work on the porcelain and esthetics!”
– Dr. A

“Sculpture Zirconia bridge #18-#22. I loved the case. It went in perfectly. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all.”
– Dr. R

“Sculpture Zirconia crowns #28-#30. I allowed 1.5 hours for delivery but I was shocked because it only took 15 minutes. Thanks so much for giving me the quality my patients deserve.”
– Dr. A

“Our Sculpture Zirconia crown gets a 2 thumbs up. Ill be using Friendship from now on.”
– Dr. N

“Sculpture Zirconia crown #18. This was my first case with Friendship. Delivery of my Sculpture case took 5 seconds to deliver… super fast. I loved the margins, contacts and occlusion.”
– Dr. O

“Sculpture Bridge #3-#6. Fit like a glove. Absolutely Perfect.”
– Dr. D

“Absolutely beautiful case. patient cried she was so happy! Beautiful job!”
– Dr. S

“e.max crown #8. I was very pleased with the crown. Beautiful contour and shade. Thank you.”
– Dr. R

“e.max bridge #7-#10. My patient and I were very happy with the esthetics of the case. Great job!”
– Dr. B

“PFM #13. Great job all around. Marginal integrity, porcelain work and metal work.”
– Dr. B

“Sculpture Zirconia crown #31. Excellent work & case. Beautifully done.”
– Dr. Y

“Sculpture Zirconia Crowns #18 & #19. Excellent work & case. Beautifully done.”
– Dr. Y

“Sculpture Zirconia crown #20. I did not have to touch it at all. It dropped right in. Very good crown!”
– Dr. K

“Sculpture Zirconia crown #20. For the technician who did work on this case, you did a great job. It was perfectly shaped to fill in the space against the upper partial. Patient was very impressed with how fast the insert appointment went.”
– Dr. K

“Sculpture Zirconia bridge #18-#20. Thanks very much. I really appreciate you going above and beyond for my cases.”
– Dr. T

“ZOE CAD/CAM Temporary crowns #11-#13. Nice job. See attached photos. Patient cried she was so happy. Thanks for making me look good!”
– Dr. M

“I wanted to tell you what a great job you did on my Sculpture crown. It dropped right in with no adjustments. What a great way to start my Monday morning! Please thank the technicians who worked on the case. My patient and I are very happy!
– Dr. G

“Patient lost her dentures twice.  Avadent is a lifesaver! Thanks to their permanent digital record on the patient’s ID card, I received the duplicate dentures in 5 days & no additional appointments were necessary.
– Dr. M

“In my 15 years of being a dentist, I have never had a crown go right in without ever having to touch or adjust anything.  Occlusion was absolutely great & margins were beautiful!  Thank you for all the work you do!
– Dr. L